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Road Issues:  State and Lucas County road issues cannot be resolved by the township.  Call ODOT, 419-825-1217 (US-20A) or the County Garage, 419-893-2232 (Major Roads: Albon, Salisbury, Monclova, River and Stitt Roads)


Prior to submitting a seasonal complaint, you should know the following:

1)    Mailboxes: Any mailbox that goes down as a result of snow removal operations is temporarily repaired as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions in mail delivery.  If a properly installed mailbox is struck by our equipment, it is restored to original condition when scheduling and weather permit.  Improperly installed mailboxes or mailboxes knocked down by the weight of the snow receive no further repair or adjustment.  Current mailbox regulations can be found online under “Road Department”.

2)    Snow on driveways: As the plows pass driveways, the snow accumulated on the side discharge blade has no place to go but to the adjacent street and driveways.  This is unavoidable.

3)    Snow and Cul-de-sacs:  Space limitations and the laws of physics require all the snow to be placed along the outside of the circle.

4)    To avoid double shoveling, you may want to wait until after your street has been plowed to the curb before you clear your driveway.

5)    Fall Leaf Collection:  The Township collects on an “as needed basis” beginning mid-to-late October; it is not necessary to alert the township unless your leaves have been sitting for more than 21 days.